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Saturday, July 30, 2005

How well do you know Nelly?

Whoever gets the highest score, wins a prize. Wanna know what it is? Then get a high score fucker!
  1. What brand of squares do I smoke?

  2. Marlboro Lights
    Camel Lights

  3. What's my Favorite Drink?

  4. Water
    Bloody Mary
    Orange Juice

  5. What would I most likely say?

  6. Your mom
    Yeah, whatever.
    Bada bing

  7. What sex position would most interest me?

  8. 96
    Doggie Style
    Wheel Barrel

  9. Which would I most rather do on a weekend?

  10. Watch movies
    Count sheep

  11. What's my shoe size?

  12. 10

  13. What would I most wanna hear?

  14. Politics
    Dead baby jokes
    Me, moaning

  15. What's my favorite book?

  16. The Moral sense of man...
    Green eggs and Ham
    The Notebook

  17. What's most likely in my hand right now?

  18. A beer
    A cigarette
    A computer mouse

  19. If I could be any animated character, who would I wanna be?

  20. Bender from Futurama
    Brock Samson from The Venture Bros.

Good luck to you and thanks for taking the quiz. If you did poorly...we're not friends anymore.


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