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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Are you a jerk or a perk?

Are you the type of person who will go to the ends of the earth for anyone or the type who won't go an inch for everyone? This quiz will tell you!
  1. While driving or riding with someone, how often do you have road rage?

  2. Almost never, I keep it cool.
    Every now and again, I catch myself with a temper.
    They better get the heck out of the way.

  3. When I am with my friends and they make fun of an ugly member of the opposite sex, you

  4. Join in. . .Freak!
    Tell them to cut it out, they can't help the cards they were delt.
    Add a harmless comment or two.

  5. On an average, how many drinks do you have per week?

  6. 0-4
    10 or more

  7. When you were growing up, how often were you punished by your parents?

  8. I got a spanking or two
    I never saw the light of day
    I was an angel.

  9. How often do you cuss?

  10. Like a sailor
    Only when the circumstances are right
    Never, there's no need

  11. Which clique could you see yourself in the most?

  12. Prep
    Library Rat

  13. When you have a terrible server at your favorite resturaunt, your tip consists of:

  14. Pocket Lint
    The normal 15%
    25%, maybe they're having a rough day!

  15. When playing a card game, how serious do you get?

  16. The name of the game is WAR isn't it?
    I'll go easy on you today, your lucky!
    Its just a game.

  17. After someone farts in public you:

  18. Look and laugh
    Ask them if they have any respect
    Keep walking and hold your nose

  19. If you were handed back $100 instead of $10 by a cashier, you would

  20. Give it back with no question
    Pause for a few minutes and wonder what you should do
    Get away quick before the cashier knows what they did

Now that your done, here's what your result will mean:
22 and up: What a jerk. You should learn to tone it down a little bit. Your definately the kind of person who I'd like to kick between the legs, ya prick!
13-21: You mean well, but it just doesn't come out right, does it. Though you try not to, you find amusement in watching someone take a spill. After laughing, you lend a hand to pick them up.
12 and Below: Are you a missionary? You have a heart of gold and you implement it. You would go that extra mile!


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