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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cultural Geography

Hello fellow classmates. Our beloved teacher told us to make our visuals fun and interesting. So...well, I didn't want to make a power point or a boring 'ol poster (no offense to anyone). So, instead, you are all going to take this quiz and see how well you listened to me. Ha! :D
  1. Inari of rice and fertility, is a god from which culture?

  2. Buddhism

  3. What is animism?

  4. The belief in more than one god that rules all aspect of life and humanity.
    The belief that every thing in nature lives and has a spirit.
    A type of art movement in which pictures depict animal heads on human bodies.
    We dunno, we didn't read the chapter.

  5. Raijin is known as Japane god of thunder and lightening. Which god could he be compared to?

  6. Loki

  7. Although all that are listed are indeed tricksters, who is also known as a fire deity?

  8. Veles
    the Raven

  9. Why are deities "created" and how do they help?

  10. They are created out of boredom.
    Deities aren't created because they are real.
    They are created for making characters in stories and teach morals to children.
    They are created for helping to teach the unexplainable.

  11. Geb, Izanagi, Gaia, and Brahma are considered to be what kind of deities?

  12. Death

  13. Which of the following is NOT a polytheistic religion?

  14. Norse

  15. Why would a culture need to create a "destroyer" or "death" deity?

  16. To explain how we die.
    To explain why we die.
    To explain who brings our "true death",
    All of the above.

  17. How did you like this quiz?

  18. It was absolutely fantastic!!!
    Why do we care?
    It was boring as all hell.
    It was bull crap.

  19. What will our teacher do during the summer break?

  20. Dunno, but we do know she will be bored without us.
    Continue to worry about our lack of geographic knowledge.
    Go to classes and teach classes. (How boring!)
    Go raving on some random Pacific island with drunk monkies. (Oh wait, has she done that yet?)

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