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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SS 2

  1. The transformation of Magadha from a small state into the center of an empire was begun by

  2. Alexander the Great
    Chandragupta II
    Chandragupta Maurya

  3. The main ideas of Buddhism are found in the

  4. Four Noble Truths

  5. Members of India's priestly class were called

  6. Sudras

  7. The concept of dharma refers to the

  8. rebirth of the soul
    practice of meditation
    preservation of family honour
    carrying out one's personal duty

  9. The Aryans are best described as

  10. hunter-gatherers
    merchant traders

  11. The oldest major religion to originate in India is

  12. Hinduism

  13. One cause of the Mauryan Empire's collapse was

  14. the death of Chandragupta II
    Hindu resentment of pro-Buddhist policies
    invasions along the northwestern bordert
    popular unrest generated by heavy taxation

  15. According to tradition Gautama began his search for truth after

  16. experiencing a flash of insight while meditating under a tree
    witnessing scenes of human misery for the first time
    suffering greatly during an impoverished childhood
    becoming a charioteer for a Kshatriya

  17. All of the following are true of the Rock Edicts EXCEPT that they

  18. were issed by Asoka
    were written in the Sanskrit language
    were carved on rocks and stone pillars
    stressed having concern for other human beings

  19. The Golden Age of India refers to the

  20. period of peace following Asoka's renunciation of war
    development of written language by the Aryans
    flourishing of arts and sciences during the Gupta dynasty
    period in which the independent kingdoms of India were first united


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