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Friday, May 12, 2006

What would you do???

Here are things in life that might be tough decissions for a first time lover! Check them out to see would you be ready?
  1. If your boyfriend left town for 2 weeks to go to Disney would you be ok?

  2. I'd secretly miss him but I would make it.
    No. I would have plenty to do I could care less.
    I would sob and talk to him every night and complain till he was back in my sight.

  3. If your school graduation was next wknd but practice was all week and the team needs u!

  4. You represent the school too miss one practice.
    I will makle an outfit out of any odds and ends I have. I will only be called Ms.Trashy for a week
    Ask my friends if I can borrow something. That is better than nothing everyone is counting on u.

  5. You were always alone and nobody knew the real you til yr crush saw you sing!

  6. Run away tearstreaked and when you see him tomorrow say somebody dared you too and you rnt chicken
    He was seeing things
    Explain quietly and tell him not to tell a soul or else. It is also a way to know if he istrusting

  7. Your boyfriend has CANCER! You're freaking out! He says that you're stress'n and 2 brake up!

  8. NO. You'll back off and visit. Understand he is scared too. You aren't any help u only pity him!
    The cancer must have done something to him now he isn't even wanting to go out he is a goner!4good
    stay calm. You're so angry but imagine him anyway there are more boys just b friends!

  9. Your first boyfriend and brakeup in one week u cant decide why you dont care?

  10. It is the first many more dont worry
    how dare you have no feelings! come to him weeping guiltily
    to much stress and going on in one week

  11. You want to get him something for valentines day but what would he want?..

  12. A picture of u and him under a tree having a picnic..... last summer! Is that to long ago?
    colone sometimes after football he reeks!
    nothing if he loves you he will understand a kiss will make him ok!

these questions arent life threatening to you but to a normal teen it may just seem at the time! I have experianced 3 of them. Good luck


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