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Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's your style?

  1. Which type of shoes do you like to wear?

  2. trendy ballet flats
    comfy boots
    Vans (c) slip-ons

  3. What do you carry your stuff in?

  4. any purse with an expensive logo
    canvas purse
    my pockets
    big, leather purse

  5. What color is your favorite t-shirt?

  6. brown
    whatever matches my shoes
    classic white t-shirt

  7. What do you wear to the mall?

  8. tank top, headband and jeans
    cute polo, pearls,skirt and flats
    loose dress and tights
    funny t-shirt and jjeans

  9. You can't live without your...

  10. MP3 Player
    Starbucks fix
    lip gloss and mascara
    trendy sunglasses

100-85%: Cute and Unique
84-65%: Earthy yet chic
64%-45%: Basketball court groupie
44% and below: Preppy, cute and refined


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