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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Article Quiz

  1. Why do researchers believe that violent video games may be more harmful than television?

  2. Beacause they are interactive.
    Because they are graphic.
    Because they are fast-paced.
    Because they are violent.

  3. Who may be more vulnerable to the effects of violent video games?

  4. Small children who are very impressionable.
    Young men who have never played before.
    Females with high academic grades.
    Young males who are already aggressive.

  5. In the second paragraph, the word "they" refers to:

  6. Teachers
    Police officers

  7. The amount of time spent playing video games in the past was associated with:

  8. Higher academic grades
    Lower academic grades
    The game being played
    Having no affect on academic grades

  9. Students who reported playing more violent video games in junior and high school engaged in more:

  10. Aggressive behaviour
    Non-violent behaviour
    Drug and alcohol abuse

  11. Dr Cumberbatch said research showed that some people were:

  12. Stimulated simply by the violent content
    Stimulated simply by the fast pace of action films
    All of the above
    None of the above


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