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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Please complete the following by choosing the BEST answer.
  1. What is alliteration?

  2. repetition of vowel sounds
    repetition of begining consonant sounds
    repition of words in a poem, song or story

  3. An extended metaphor

  4. compares an object over and over in a poem
    compares an object by using like or as
    compares an object without like or as

  5. A couplet is

  6. a 5 line poem with no rhyme
    a four line poem with rhyme scheme
    a two line poem with the last souns rhyming

  7. Meter in poetry is:

  8. The patern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem
    The secret pattern of syllables ina poem
    the rhyming of a poem

  9. Which is an example of an oxymoron?

  10. The wind kissed my face.
    The restaurant had jumbo shrimp.
    peter piper picked peppers

  11. An elegy is

  12. A 14 line poem about the poet's feelings
    A poem that tells a story
    A poem that describes the sadness of the death of an important person

  13. The best example of personification is:

  14. the flower was blooming
    the smell of the flower came at me
    the flower was like a sunshine

  15. When you use words to paint a picture this is called

  16. symbolism

  17. An example of a formula poem is NOT

  18. Haiku
    free verse

  19. The example that does not fit onomatopeia is:

  20. The boom of the thunder
    The meow of the cat
    the running water


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