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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Who Am I?!

From this quiz I would know what each of you think about me so I really want you to be honest with the answers!
  1. What kind of person Am I?

  2. Sweet

  3. Am I annoying?

  4. Yes
    Not sure

  5. Do you like me?

  6. Yes
    Not sure

  7. Is it true that I like to fight?

  8. Yes
    Not sure

  9. Am I...?

  10. Rude
    Nice at all times
    Sometimes nice sometimes not

  11. If I was rude to you would you...

  12. Expect me to say sorry
    Expect me not to talk to you again
    Come and make the first step

  13. Final question is: Have I got a big mouth (not literally)

  14. Yes
    Dont know

Thanks you would really help me to find out who am I!


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