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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Do you have feeling for you (ex)?

This is a quiz to see if your having feeling about your ex girls this is a truthful test please tell the truth and if you need to ask me any questions or tell me any thing just e-mail me.
  1. What do you do when you see him?

  2. You walk up to him and say hi and give him a hug
    Look at him in a funy way
    You walk up to him and give him a kiss
    You look the other way

  3. He calls you what do you say?

  4. say Hi Boo
    Hang up on him
    Ask him what do he want
    Tell him to come over

  5. He asked you out What do you say?

  6. say yes
    Say no you are going somewhere
    To where?
    You say don't have nothing to where

  7. He wants to buy you something

  8. Ask him what it is first
    you say give me money don't buy it
    You say no thanks
    You can buy me anything

  9. He ask you to be his valentine

  10. You saqy Yes
    You say no
    You say you are sick to do anything
    No because you have a valentines

  11. Do you ever think about him?

  12. yes
    all Thwe time

  13. It's valentines day you want to buy him something what will it be?

  14. nothing
    a watch
    some sneakers
    so clothes and give him some candy that say I love you

  15. When you go to a party what do you do?

  16. Just dance with him
    don't dance at all
    dance with everbody
    or just get boys numbers

  17. What will yall do at his house?

  18. just talk
    play around
    go to his room if you now what I'm saying
    invite somebody else over

  19. Do you hang out with his friend more then him?

  20. yes
    his friend looks better
    all ways

If you got 20% the you don't have feeling for him, If you got 50% then you do have feeling for him,
If you got 80% or higher then you need to really need to go back out with him give him one more time ladys with 80% or 90% just try it.


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