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Friday, January 27, 2006

Ur Own Kit

Who Really Knows Me? whoever gets the most points gets a date with me.. :) GoodLuck!
  1. How Many Siblings Do I Have?

  2. None

  3. What Show Is My Fav??

  4. Next
    War At Home
    American Dad

  5. What Is My fav Drink?

  6. Dr.Pepper

  7. Whats My Opinion On Wearing Condoms?

  8. Yes Allways till ur like 25 and married
    Hell No..fuk That
    mmmm Every Now N Then

  9. How Long Have Me N Trip Been Togethor?

  10. A year 1/2
    A Year N 10 Months
    A Year N 11 Months

Well heres some bad news..even if u got them all right ur not gettin a date with me..but hey atleast now u can say you got them all right. =p


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