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Saturday, March 25, 2006

About me

ok u think u know me okay okay go ahead knock urself out smarty pants i wanna see how well u know me!!!!!!
  1. am i a virgin???

  2. maybe so if i consider "oral" still being as virgintity safe
    only in my mommas eyes haha LOL
    in my dreams
    Not even near being a virgin hahah LOL

  3. what do i call brenda???

  4. chad lee
    cara de burro
    downer face
    wing lee

  5. what is my dream??

  6. To be a bum on the corner
    to sell stuff on ebay
    to write my life story
    to live in new york

  7. Who is my hero??

  8. Chad lee
    the bum on the corner
    mitch ( wannabe white trash miguel)

  9. Have i ever been in love???

  10. with total assholes
    no only with my pillow
    havent even gotten to first base
    with my phone absolutely

  11. Is chad lee asian???

  12. maybe we dont know for sure
    he was born half n half mixed
    hes a homaphrodite
    hes white but thinks hes asian

  13. What makes me laugh??

  14. La downer face
    my stupidity
    talking shit
    almost running over people when i dont pay attention

so how did u score??? do u know me well enough???


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