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Sunday, March 05, 2006

how gangster are you?

If You So Gangsta…
Then Why you tuck your chain in when you walk in the club
an' if You So Gangsta…
Why you a grown man still getting you pockets dug
If You So Gangsta…
Then how come every time you get into beef you tell
an' if You So Gangsta…
Why niggas know you for that in the streets, so well?
  1. where are you from?

  2. Compton

  3. would u kill someone?

  4. true dat my nigga
    hha is that a question of course
    no thats so abd

  5. whos ur favorite rapper?

  6. game
    ja rule

  7. wats ur favorite gang?

  8. bloods
    latin kings

  9. wats ur favorite gun?

  10. 9

  11. wat gang is game in?

  12. bloods

  13. wats the best?

  14. system

  15. are you black?

  16. haha true dat my nigga
    fuck black people
    u a dumb fuck im a smart black man

  17. do you smoke weed?

  18. yes everyday
    once in a while
    no its bad for you

  19. do you like to floss niggaz toes?

  20. everytime im with my crew they all get a floss
    only in hot tubs
    thats for faggets

if yo a tru gangster like me dawg you will get all these questions right. If you no how to get yo street credit in hood u will also get all these questions right keep it real my niggaz


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