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Sunday, February 26, 2006

how guy freindly are you? how aggresive?

ok this is how it works.The higher your score is the more guy friendly you are!! The lower the score the more aggresive!!
  1. a really cute guy you dont know starts talking to you.....you...

  2. give him the hand and tell him the face aint listenin
    think of an evil comeback and tell him off
    throw your drink in his face but say it was an accident
    talk to him ....he seems very nice so far
    jump on top of him and start kissing him uncontrollably

  3. you go to the mall to...........

  4. hang out obviously
    laugh at peole who look funny
    scout out guys

  5. you think guys are.....

  6. pathetic
    totally wonderfull
    some are okay some are rude
    i hate them they are all loosers
    i love them, i dream about them !!! they are cute!!(some)

  7. all of your guy freinds are.........

  8. older then me
    yoounger then me
    the same age as me
    all my freind are girls/ i dont have any freinds
    scattered.......some are oler,some are younger,some are the same

  9. somebody looks at you funny..... you..............

  10. smile cheerfully and wave
    look away and pretend it never happend
    snicker and giggle with your firneds and secretly talk abot them
    run over and punch/him/ her in the face and swear uincontrollably at them
    tell one of your older firneds you have with them to go get their freinds and beta him/he up later

  11. your boyfriend says he wants to break up with you....you

  12. go home and cry your eyes out .....you really loved him
    put a sad song on and think about your times together
    call him later and try to make up
    yell in his face the minute he tells you and slap him then run away screaming
    tell him you were going to break up wiht him anyway then tell evry1 YOU broke up with HIM!

i hope you had fun wiht this quiz!!!!


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