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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Quiz of DOOM.

This is the quiz to See if you have thouroughy read the rules. You need to answer 9 out of 10 to pass.
  1. Do you PM Set or the staff asking for an item?

  2. Yes
    I iz lyk not no english
    I PM Set becuase I want to

  3. Do you send a trade to Set for an item?

  4. Yes
    No, unless she tells me to

  5. What do you put at the end of a request?

  6. Pixie Sticks Pwn
    Skittles Pwn Pixie Sticks

  7. How many Items can you buy?

  8. 1
    As many as I want

  9. How many times do you ask for an item?

  10. Who cares, I'll pm her.
    As many times till I know it's annoyed the shit out of her
    Well I figure that the more I ask, the higher the odds. So who knows?

  11. How long does it take for Set to sell an item (usually) ?

  12. The day I ask for it
    Right away
    A couple of days
    A couple of weeks

  13. What can you pay with?

  14. Gold
    Nothing, She doesn't deserve anything
    All of the above

  15. How much do you pay for an item?

  16. Nothing
    More than 1k, becuase I enjoy bribing
    Even more than the last choice, becuase I think Set really needs my gold.

  17. What happens when you break the rules more than once?

  18. Nothing
    I get ignore listed
    She luffles me
    I become a staffie


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