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Saturday, June 17, 2006

How much are you like Jo?

If you love the melbourne (the city of singles!), the threatre and getting naked infront on family members then you may be related or may even be Josephine!
  1. You just finish showering in the bathroom and you decide to:

  2. Put on your threatre make up (drag queen style)
    Drop your towel off in front of you brother and sister in the other room
    Damand your brother checks this weird lump on your vagina

  3. In melbourne what you most likely eat?

  4. Pizza! Not chips
    Prawns of course, we aren't savages!
    Anything but vegan food!

  5. On a saturday night in melbourne you would most likely:

  6. Drive around in my Rav4 and go to evangelical churchs and sing to Jesus!
    Use reverse charge call home and ask your parents for money
    Threatre, dinner and wine!

  7. You're at dinner with your soon to be ex-boyfriends parents and there is an uncomfortable silence:

  8. You comment on the wonder wine and how you always go to wineries with your friends
    Tell them about your sister colleen and how you tried to warn her not to marry that cheater!
    Tell them about the time you wear camping and got a Tick in your vagina

  9. It's your younger sisters wedding (bitch beat me to it) you decide to wear:

  10. An extravagent brides maid dress, even though you are not one
    A big bright, feathery, pink hat, like one you'd wear to the horses, in melbourne!
    All of the above

Something in the air says you're in for a surprise!


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