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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Are you Average

*****find out if ur average?********.....or Not
  1. Do you do lots of Stupid Things?

  2. Yes

  3. Do you ever Ask Stupid Questions?

  4. Omg All the Time

  5. Do u have lots of of those moments when you can't remember how to spell a easy word?

  6. uhh Ya

  7. Do you wish you were smarter?

  8. uhmm no im Brillant!
    ya i always wish i was smarter

  9. Do you have A Life Plan?

  10. Yes i Plan my days Out all the time
    Naw! i live Day-to-Day

  11. Do you think Sports are just anotyher way to Attracted people?

  12. Yes its the best thing u can to!
    NO thats stupid

  13. Do you ever think you could have a shot at being the next Prime Minister?

  14. it could happen!
    in a million years

  15. Do you Think your Average?

  16. no

Press grade me and lets plz hope ur average!!!!!PLZ


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