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Thursday, July 27, 2006

How well do you know Captain Jack Sparrow?

  1. What color are Jack's eyes?

  2. green

  3. What are Jack's effects?

  4. a compss that dosen't point south, a pistol with an additional shot and a bottle of rum
    hat, pistol with no attitional shot or powder, cumpas that does point north, and a sword
    compas that dosent point north, a pistol with no additional shot or powder, a sword, and a hat

  5. What color is the fabric that is tied around Jack's waist with his belts?

  6. white with red stripes
    red with white stripes

  7. Is Jack right handed or left handed?

  8. left
    I never noticed

  9. What color is the insde of Jack's compas, underneath the lid?

  10. blue
    blue with gold stars

  11. How many rings does Jack wear?

  12. 3

  13. Finish this "look and undead........

  14. cat

  15. fill in the blank "------ and ----- love, I saved your life you saved mine were -----."

  16. sticks, bones, square
    rock, paper, sissors
    sticks, stones, square

  17. finish" the man who did thw waking, buys the man who was sleeping a drink, and the man......

  18. drinks is while listening to a proposition from the man who was sleeping
    drinks it while listeng to a proposition from the man who did the waking
    drinks it while not listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking

  19. fill in the bland "don't touch my----"

  20. butt


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