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Friday, August 04, 2006

Woooo, a quiz about me!!!

Woot, a quiz about me! It's pretty easy if you've talked to me before. I'll make a much harder one later... if i feel like it...
  1. Firstly, what's my favorite color?

  2. green

  3. Easy question. Which do i favor?

  4. Playstation 3
    Nintendo Wii
    XBox 360
    I don't play video games

  5. What kind of sports or "sports" do i like?

  6. baseball

  7. What is a phrase i'd most likely say in a conversation?

  8. "You know what I'm sayin'?"
    "*curses a lot*"
    "so i was like ... and like.... she was all like..."

  9. Favorite book?

  10. The Hobbit
    The Dragon Returns
    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings

  11. What store would you most likely see me at?

  12. Anchor Blue
    Game Quest
    Thrift store
    Hot Topic

  13. Favorie Hero?

  14. Sonic, Link, Cloud
    Superman, Spiderman
    Mario Brothers

  15. First impression?

  16. loud and rowdy impression
    mild, laid-back impression
    shy and quiet impression
    cold impression

  17. What kinda clothes do i most often wear?

  18. a cute shirt and cute jeans
    just a plain t-shirt and baggy pants
    tight, leathery clothes
    black, goth-like clothes

  19. What is my favorite food?

  20. cheeses

thank you for taking my quiz! Be prepared for my next one! It'll be super tough!!!


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