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Monday, July 24, 2006

How hurt an depressed are you?

This quiz is to see how hurt, Or how depressed you really are. Think your not depressed? Take this quiz to see.
  1. Do you feel depressed?

  2. Yes
    Hardly ever
    Once in a while

  3. Do you cut your'self with sharp objects?

  4. Yes, Anything i can find
    Once in a while

  5. Do you write poetry about suicide, pain, or relating to sorrow?

  6. Yes
    Once in a while
    I Don't write

  7. Have you ever attempt suicide?

  8. Yes
    A long time ago
    No but i'm thinking about it

  9. Do feel alone, Or like knowbody understands you?

  10. Yes!
    I have no feelings.
    Once in a while

  11. What kinda of clothing do you mostly wear?

  12. Dark colors
    Light colors
    Anything i can find
    I don't wear clothes

  13. Did you grow up having a good past or bad past?

  14. Bad
    Don't no
    In between

  15. Do you cry alot, Or get emotional?

  16. Yes
    Once in a while
    I dont cry

  17. Do you wish you could die?

  18. Yes
    No, I love life
    Hell Yeah

  19. What title describes you?

  20. "Broken inside, Ready to die"
    "I am beautiful no matter what they say"
    "Kill me now, Take my life"
    "The sun's shinning, An i'm smileing"

Thank you for taking this quiz!


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