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Monday, October 09, 2006

What reefer madness character are you most like? Nuh-Huh!

take this quiz to find out what reefer madness character your most like. dont be a chicken.
  1. how much reefer do you smoke?

  2. none, and I never have.
    umm...i tryed it once.
    I smoke occasionally
    I smoke alot but nobody really can tell b/c i have it under control
    I smoke enough for me to be considered ditzy.
    I deal and smoke sometimes
    I smoke way, way too much.

  3. whats more important to you...

  4. Church, School and friends
    School, family and boys
    being able to dance
    your spouse
    making money and being #1
    hahahahaha pretty much just reefer

  5. what would be your first reaction after hitting some old guy with your car?

  6. praying
    to cry and scream and get help
    do get out of the car and make shure hes alive
    to go " oh god, oooh god, oh god, oh g-god, oh god"
    to walk away and tell anyone else there that you were never there
    to try to get him to smoke a bowl with you before he dies, and kick him if he refuses

  7. have you ever read romeo and juliet?

  8. I have and its a tragedy i wouldnt wish on anyone.
    I've gotten through the prologue. (prue-low-gwee)
    half way and it was really intresting.
    i have and the ending made me cry.
    i dont know how to read huge words like those.
    i have and it made me want to shoot myself
    i cant remember.

  9. what line would most likely convince you to smoke weed if you had never before?

  10. I would just repeat wwjd in my head if that ever happend and tune them out.
    "dont do it, dont do it, dont be a fool"
    the sound of all of the quotes at once would make me pretty nervous.
    "smoke it you may choke at first but then the worst is over."
    "come on (your name) suck it down for sally."
    just the sound of nervous laughing would do it for me
    "dont be a chicken"

  11. what sounds funner to you?

  12. taking a hit of jesus --can you handle the high?
    hanging out with friends
    taking dance lessons
    lounging around the house all day
    having people over and smoking them out
    smoking a ton by yourself and laughing your ass off.

  13. what kind of music do you listen to?

  14. chistian
    i just sing alot
    rap and/or techno
    all of the above and then some

  15. weekends for you are like:

  16. church on sunday and then haging out with youth group on saturdays
    hanging out with friends, studying and going on a date
    hanging out with my girlfriend, then going to smoke and hanging out with sluts.
    smoking,eating, sitting around the house.
    having sex, taking care of the kid, and smoking
    baisically finding new kids to smoke with me
    smoking ALOT and laughing my ass off, maybe playing the piano

  17. whats your favorite quote out of the movie?

  18. listen to jesus jimmy say no to the marijuana.
    well play with whips and nipple clips and candle wax
    theres only room for one mary in my life, mary lane, with an L... for love. i love mary lane!
    The fun sometimes escapes me when jack gets stoned and RAPES ME!!!
    reefer, lets share it.
    do you want a brownie?
    I'm real hungry

  19. what outfit would you rather wear in public?

  20. a white robe
    a peach colored dress
    highwaters and a tie
    a blue slip
    a slinky red dress
    a fake mustach...and suspenders
    an old frat boy sweater and blue dickies


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