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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Could you be my pro tempore

  1. Do you

  2. Drink
    Smoke and drink
    Smoke, drink, and do drugs
    Do Drugs
    Practice Abstinence

  3. Towards the end of your first date you

  4. Polite kiss goodnight
    Hangout at first base for a while
    Round Second
    Talk to your thrid base coach
    Knock that shit out of the stadium

  5. On the average night you would rather___________with your friends?

  6. Sit at home
    Sit at home and watch a movie
    Party and get totally shit-faced
    Kickback wherever

  7. Would you say that your body type is

  8. Petite and dainty
    Athletic and well trimmed
    Average, it's the best of both worlds
    Curvey with a little bit extra
    To much for just one person to handle

  9. On a scale from 1 to 5, how do you feel about the shocker

  10. 1, No fucking way
    2, Probably not
    3, Maybe, just maybe
    4, I'm down with that
    5, I want shit on your hands big boy

  11. How do you feel about working?

  12. I love working and the responsibilities
    I don't unless I have to
    Work, whats work
    I hate working
    It's a good thing my parents love me

  13. Whats your take on sports?

  14. I love watching superbowl
    I am the star of the team
    I don't like to see violence
    I don't mind them
    Sports are a waste of time

  15. You are walking down the street and you find $500 in a wallet

  16. Finders keepers
    Return the wallet and the money
    Mail the wallet without the money
    Leave it alone.
    Use their social security number and credit cards

  17. Religion

  18. Athiest
    I go to church when I can
    Every Sunday, God is the way for me
    Satan, without him I am not complete

  19. What is you ideal career path

  20. I have to work with children
    Making all the money I can
    Helping others
    9-5 in an office
    Comfortable, I just want to work and get paid

  21. Ideal situation

  22. Friends with Benefits
    Just Dating
    Dating with some commitment
    Marriage to someone as soon as possible
    Single is the way for me

  23. When entering a new environment you

  24. Talk and get to know people
    Say a friendly hello or two
    Talk to much about everything
    Just blend in
    Stay completely quiet until confronted

  25. Which do you prefer?

  26. Jewlery

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