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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hmmm...How Well Do You REALLY Know Me?

  1. ...When is myyyy BIRTHDAY?

  2. June 5, 1992
    December 25, 1992
    December 25, 1993
    September 12, 1992
    April 18, 1993

  3. What ETHNICITY am i? [wow big word hehe]

  4. ...uh white?
    English duh!

  5. Favorite color?

  6. Red fo sho
    hehe GREEN.
    blue babehh

  7. um what language am i taking next year?

  8. SPANISH durr.
    russian mann
    DUTCH. yaa

  9. how many times have i moved?

  10. just twice
    well my dad is in the army so like 8
    zero times!
    uhm...i dont live anywhere
    tres times

  11. hmmmm...food?

  12. wheres the carne asada?!?
    PASTA PASTA PASTA every day...
    RIBSS yo
    donuts :D
    fruit fo sho

  13. which school do I absolutely HATE with a passion?

  14. hart..ew i cant believe i'm going there
    saugus...centurions suck
    VALENCIA! down with vikings!
    westranch...you couldnt pay me to go there
    golden valley...theyre gay

  15. sport?

  16. soccer = LIFEE
    footballll yay
    tennissss pro
    lacrosse rocks!
    basketball 4 life

  17. what is the only movie i cry in?

  18. notebook...how sadd
    titanic...gah leo dicaprio!!! =p
    ...star wars...
    castaway poor tom hanks
    the pokemon movie!!! =D

  19. where r my THREE favorite places to go?

  20. Disneyland/Knotts/Magic Mtn
    New York/L.A./my house
    Disneyland/New York/Cancun
    just anyplace in the snow man


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