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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Harry Potter

This quiz has questions for all 6 Harry Potter books, so if you havent read them all go away!
  1. What happened to Dudly at the zoo?

  2. He dropped his popsicle
    He fell in the glass where the snake was
    He met a girl
    He got beat up by Harry
    A snake bit him

  3. What happened to Fred and George when they put their name in the goblet of fire?

  4. Nothing
    The goblet ate them
    They grew long grey beards
    Dumbledore came and yelled at them
    They got a detention

  5. Why did Harry and Ron take the car to school in the second book?

  6. The gate had closed and they couldnt get on the train
    They wanted an adventure
    They wanted attention
    They wanted to get to school before Malefoy so they could play an evil trick on him
    They didnt want their dad to get in torouble for having the car

  7. Why did the philosheophers stone go to Harry instead of Voldemort?.

  8. Because the mirror sensed there was something wrong with Quirrul
    Harry used very advanced magic to make it come to him
    Voldemort swore at it
    Because Harry wanted it but not to use it
    Harry was younger and better looking

  9. What happened to make Harry and Ron freinds with Hermione

  10. They had a good time on the train together
    They saved each other from a troll
    Hermione helped them in potions
    Ginny dared Harry and Ron to be freinds with Hermione
    They were just always freinds

  11. Where is the headcortes of the order of phoenix located?

  12. Diagon Alley
    Number 12, Grimauld Place
    Number 14, Grimauld Square
    The Dursleys basement

  13. Type your question7 here.

  14. choice1

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  16. choice1

  17. Who was the half-blood prince?

  18. Voldemort
    Nearly-headless Nick

  19. How did Sirius Black escape from Azkaban?

  20. He ran really fast
    He switch places with someone by using a polyjuice potion and locked the other person in his cell
    He apparated when no one was looking
    He killed all the dementors and took a speedboat
    He turned himself into a dog and swam away


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