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Monday, February 19, 2007

Are you a Sysop or a n00b?

  1. If a troll attacks you...

  2. Revert
    Revert and leave a note for the troll

  3. If there is a huge argument you...

  4. Yell at everyone involved
    Leave it alone

  5. If the Josh/Sam war is going on you...

  6. Try to stop it
    Join in but don't get to involved

  7. If someone is yelling at you, you...

  8. Tell someone in higher power
    You find a way to resolve it, then tell someone

  9. If there is huge sockpuppetry going on you...

  10. Tell someone on IRC
    You alert a reservist on IRC

  11. If there is a revert war you...

  12. Find a way to settle it
    Let someone in higher power to stop it



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