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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let's be Friends. Or not.

How like me are you?
  1. You enjoy:

  2. long walks on the beach
    beach walks on the lawn
    long beaches on your walks

  3. Your drink of choice is:

  4. coffee or tea
    red wine or martinis
    beet juice

  5. Currently you are listening to:

  6. The Rheostatics
    something else

  7. You like:

  8. a dry heat - like, say 35 degrees celsius plus.
    a dry cold - self-explanatory

  9. You would rather ________ than pluck gray hairs from your bangs.

  10. cozy up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a book
    hike a mountain
    swim in a lake on a summer evening

  11. While watching something funny you:

  12. smirk
    say, "That's funny."
    guffaw, slap your knee, disappear under the covers, disrupt the neighbours

  13. One of your favourite authors is:

  14. Mark Twain
    Barbara Kingsolver

  15. You think this joke: "Where does a general keep his army? Up his sleevy!" is:

  16. funny
    the answer to all awkward social situations

Thank you for taking my quiz. Now I will know if we can be friends or not! This will save an awkward "breaking up" later in our relationship.


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