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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Amys Harder Quiz

See if you can get these right! i felt chested because yours were way harder than mine... and i wanna see if you know me!
  1. What color are my eyes?

  2. blue

  3. What is my favorite Band?

  4. Coheed and Cambria
    Social Distortion
    The Ramones
    Dixie Chicks

  5. How much Indian do I have in me?

  6. 3 Quarters
    1 Quarter
    Only a Little

  7. What is my favorite TV show right now?

  8. One Tree Hill
    Americas Next Top Model
    Desperate House wives
    Will & Grace

  9. What do i want for my birthday?

  10. To be wined and dined.. anywhere i want!
    A romantic weekend with you and only you
    To have a $100 shopping spree
    Something spontaneous and romantic

  11. How tall am I?

  12. 5'3

  13. What Is my Job title?

  14. Administrative Specialist
    Administrative Assistant
    Macerich Assistant
    Administrative secretary

  15. Out of these, Who is my best friend?

  16. Jana

  17. What is my favorite thing to do in the summer?

  18. Go Outside
    Go Swimming
    Stay inside in the A/C
    Go tanning

  19. Lastly, which do i want the most?

  20. To feel like im loved
    To feel wanted
    To feel appreciated
    To have your attention and thoughts

This was easy... you get points even when you get it wrong!!


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