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Sunday, March 11, 2007

How well do you know me??

Hey just a little quiz to see how well you know me?? just for fun:)
  1. What is my favorite color?

  2. Khaki

  3. What Brand of Cigarettes do I smoke?

  4. Virginia Superslim menthols
    Salem Super Slim Light 100's
    Capri Menthol 120's
    Eve Super Slim Menthol's

  5. When is my wedding anniversary?

  6. Feb 14th, 2000
    Feb 29th, 2000
    Feb 25th, 2000
    March 3rd, 2000

  7. Who is my dream man?

  8. Adriano Moraes
    Antonio Banderas
    Albert Prado
    Oscar De La Hoya

  9. When is my grandbaby's birthday and what is her name? (Correct Spelling)

  10. Sept 7th, 2006 - Sidney Noel Hyde
    Sept 11th, 2006 - Sydny Noel Prado- Hyde
    Sept 10th, 2006- Sydny Noel Hyde
    Sept 9th, 2006- Sydney Noel Prado- Hyde

  11. What year and Month did I meet Albert?

  12. Nov 1986
    Oct 1987
    Dec 1988
    Nov 1987

  13. What do I enjoy doing or prefer to do?

  14. Shopping

  15. What is my favorite perfume?

  16. Jennifer Lopez- Live
    Wild Musk
    Estee Lauder- happiness

  17. What is my favorite Alcoholic Drink?

  18. Margarita
    White Russian
    Captain Morgan and Dr. Pepper
    Strawberry Daquiri

  19. What is my favorite lip gloss?

  20. Strawberry lip smackers
    mary kay lip tint in raisin
    shinylicious - orange melon
    Dr. Pepper lip smackers


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