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Friday, August 26, 2005

are you in love?

This test is to determine wether or not you are really in love
  1. The guy you dig: you think of him...

  2. all the time, I can't get him out of my head!
    more than most boys,he's got my attention
    sometimes,when i'm bored
    kinnda not really,he gets boring!
    after i talk to him,he's intresting

  3. your dreams are of...

  4. nothing, i usally don't dream
    him with another girl
    me and another guy
    past situations with him

  5. you would be most bummed out if...

  6. he got a girlfriend
    he cut his hair, he looks so cute!
    had to get braces
    didn't want to be friends anymore
    nothing,anything he would do, wouldn't bum you out

  7. If you found out he liked your b/f you would...

  8. try to keep them apart,you saw him first!
    tell him she already has a boyfriend
    try to hook them up, at least you'll get to talk to him
    say nothing and try to get closer to him
    blurt out that you like him, and always have!

  9. when you think of him you...

  10. frown
    laugh, he's so funny
    all of the above


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