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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Do u THiNk u gOt ThE SkIlls To gO OuT WiT mE LEt c wAt u gOt!!!!
  1. for my b-day wat do u give me to make me happy????

  2. roses
    a hug and a kiss
    cuong's thong lol

  3. if i told u to call me and u forgot wat my # was wat do u do????

  4. call my friends and ask
    dont even call me
    tell me that you forgot my #
    go to my house and not talk on the phone cuz u no that i miss u

  5. wat do u think will empress me that most????

  6. haveing a 6
    wearing black
    knowing cuong
    being HOT

  7. if u liked me so bad that u want to go out wit me what do u do????

  8. try to get someone to hook us up
    wait until i start to like u and then ask me out
    just ask me out when u found out u like me
    wait till i come to u cuz u dont make the 1st move

  9. if u want to know more bout me wat do u do????

  10. go ask cuong
    ask my bestfriends that r girl
    ask me ur self
    tell someone to ask me

  11. wat r u goin to do when i started to cry????

  12. ask me who made u cry and beat them up
    say forgot her
    start to cry urself lol
    cuddle me like im ur child

  13. if me and u were on the 1st date wat would u do 1st????

  14. kiss me
    say i need to wizz
    hold my hand
    hang wit urfriends and forget me

  15. if me and u were goin out and a girl was flirting wit u in front of me wat do u think i would do??

  16. slap the shit out of her and forget u
    tell her to back off
    just forget wat i saw
    break-up wit u

  17. if u liked me wat is the thing u muss no bout me????

  18. that im a girl
    my fave colors
    that im azn
    that i no cuong

  19. wat is my fave quote????

  20. dont hate
    dont be a hater

tanx for taking my quiz and remember if u got more then 900 that dosent mean i will go out wit u haha lol sucker!!!!


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