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Friday, February 17, 2006

What type of angel are you?!?

Please do my quiz... I hope u like it!!
  1. Pick an element:

  2. Water

  3. What is your favorite color???

  4. PINK!! DUH!!

  5. What is your favorite food?

  6. Watermelon
    Cotton Candy

  7. What is your favoite soda??

  8. Dr. Pepper
    Diet Pepsi
    Pepsi.. I love my teeth and don't want them to rot!!

  9. What type of wings would u like to have??

  10. Shiny and Pink!
    Sparkly and Green
    White Feather Wings!!

  11. What is your favorite animal??

  12. What is an animal??
    Pink kitten
    Pink Panther

  13. What would you name your cat if/ when u get a cat??

  14. Mousey.
    Fluffy.(me: How original!!)
    Stud Muffin.
    Baby Boy.

  15. Pick 1 thing that u would bring with u on a vacation...:

  16. My dog OF COURSE!
    My brand new PINK purse!!
    My guinea pig!! :)
    My favorite Briney Spears outfit

  17. Do you like staring at the stars??

  18. Stars?? Ummm...
    Of course.
    No, I watch the sun with my new PINK sun glasses!!
    Heck NO!! Y bother?

  19. Extra CREDIT: (must do n e way!!)

  20. I love animals.
    I am a tree hugger!
    I eat PANCAKES!!
    I am a tree killer....

If you like pancakes... I dont know what to tell u... N e way, Did u enjoy the quiz?? I dont gots an answer for the quiz, but just continue with this waste of time quiz.. I mean after all, you did come all this way to take this quiz... RIGHT??


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