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Monday, February 20, 2006


Heyy there. Melissa here. How well do you know me? I dont think you know me all that well. Well this quiz goes out to Nicole, Brigita, Bridget, Julia, Vikky, Itzel, Jasmine, Nayeli, Sam & Breann, Christina M. , and my family
  1. What is my favorite kind of dogs?

  2. golden retreivers
    labrador retreivers
    yorkshire terriors

  3. What is my favorite fruit?

  4. tomatos

  5. who is my favorite SINGER

  6. Ashlee Simpson
    Hilary Duff
    Jessica Simpson

  7. What is my favorite BANDS?

  8. Relient K and Superchic[k]
    Green Day and My Chemical Romance
    Relient K and My Chemical Romance

  9. What is my favorite food?

  10. Spaghetti
    Ice Cream

  11. What is my favorite color?

  12. yellow
    limeish green

  13. Who are my favorite disney Charecters?

  14. Donald & Daisy
    stitch & tinkerbelle
    Mickey & Minney

  15. What is my nickname?

  16. mel
    m dog

  17. BONUS QUESTION: what is my favorite song?

  18. We live
    1,2 step
    whisper song

Thanks for taking my quiz and click below to see how you did


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