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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Real Randy Orton

So you think you know the Real Randy Orton? Well, here's your chance to find out!
  1. Is Randy really engaged?

  2. Yes, he is engaged.
    No, he's married
    Only in public

  3. Does Randy hang out with his fans?

  4. Yes, just w/ Justine

  5. What is the real reason behind Randy's "ring"?

  6. Engagement ring
    Wedding ring
    Used to ward off "unwanted attention"

  7. Who does Randy think is the most talented guy in the WWE?

  8. Rey Mysterio
    Super Crazy
    John Cena

  9. Does Randy get embarassed coming to the ring?

  10. No. Look at him, he's FINE!
    Yes. Because he is almost naked.
    Sometimes. Depends on what happens before the show ;)


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