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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Are u really a good CHEERLEADER?

dont cheat becuze if u do den dats 1 step of not being a good cheerleader
  1. do u hate preppy people.

  2. uh yeah. duhhh
    heck no i love dem
    sometimes if theire like snoty/preppy den no

  3. are u really shy.

  4. sometimes
    no way im always da center of da party
    always and forver
    i am but im trying not 2 be that much

  5. are u good workin with a team

  6. no i cant stand all da drama
    yep its sooo fun

  7. are u bossy

  8. depends
    no im nowhere near it
    i can be if thing get out of control

  9. lastly, do u take criticism well

  10. heck no i cry every time
    yeah cuz i know dat wen dey cricise dere trying 2 help me not be mean
    my eyes water sometimes but not much

remeber a cheerleader should not be bossy and should take criticism fairly well and should be able 2 work with a group of people. and remeber just cuz i said dis dont go change your answers!


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