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Friday, May 26, 2006

What's Up In YOUR Life???

Personally, I really am in a great need for a Life....so I designed to let those people out there who needs one.Enjoy!
  1. Do u hate skool....

  2. Nope..definately not...I love it!!!
    Wad do u think???Everydays a torture for me.
    Well,It depends..

  3. Are u In need of Love ???

  4. I'm single...And loving IT!!!!!!!!!
    No body wants me..*sobx sobx*
    I already got a galfriend/boifriend

  5. Are u tied down by the responblities.eg:Class duties,Social Work

  6. Hell Yeah ....I'm such a busy person
    Do i look like i bother???
    I don't think so

  7. Do u feel that u might break down anytime??

  8. Yeah, sometimes its really stressful
    Nope...I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well..I can still handle it

  9. Do u enjoy attention??eg:Performing,Presenting stuff

  10. What do u mean by enjoy,I LURVE it!!!!
    I am very disturbed by such stuff
    I will if i have too

  11. In the overall wad do u think of your life now????

  12. I like it but i can be likeda stressful at times
    Its ok and same old thing everyday

  13. Do u have really good friends??

  14. Yup its like the crowed
    No!!!!!! they are all backstabbers
    Well,I got some really good ones..

  15. How would u like to change into a totally different person??

  16. No!!!!! of course not
    yup...If its for the better

  17. Do u have sibilings??

  18. yes
    yup,but i hate them

  19. Wad do u think bout this quiz???

  20. Great
    It ....SUX
    it s... OK

WEll.People get a life


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