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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Are You Like Carson?

Hey Carson what's up my homie! I hope this quiz doesn't offend u cause its really funny and u know I luv ya no mattah waht! L8az luv ya hun!
  1. What type of clothes do you wear?

  2. Trendy, cool, and awesome kick-a clothes!
    Old out-of-fashion clothes (we're talkin' brother's old clothes and thigh-lenght shorts)
    Watevah my BFFs wear is fine 4 me!
    I dont' know. My mom picks them out.

  3. What is your personality like?

  4. Sweet, charming, and a daddy's girl! :)
    Popular, popular, popular!
    Grr... get out of my face be4 I eat u (I think I'm the coolest boy evah but I'm really a lozah)
    What's a personality?

  5. What is your average report card grade?

  6. Popular people dont have time for usless things like grades!
    Average B student
    D, F, or lower.

  7. What type of music do you like?

  8. All the most popular kind of music evah!
    Rap and hip hop.
    Pop music and whatevah my friends like 2 listen 2.

  9. Describe how u look.

  10. Curly blonde hair, braces, geeky glasses, zits everywhere, and dorky clothes
    I dunno. I pretty sure I have hair and stuff.
    Cute with blonde pigtails and ribbons in my hair!!!
    Ehmagod! Are you seriously asking me this question! I look fab-oo-licious!

  11. Who are your friends?

  12. I am friends with the nice girls that my mommy approves of!
    Who aren't my friends besides losers? I am so populah I swear, I will drown in popularity!
    What friends?
    People. I think they're all humans except 4 maybe one who might be a new type of species unknown.

  13. What is your favorite food?

  14. Everything! I will eat until I explode even if it's at a friend's house *cough cough*
    Caviar and other populah expensive delicacies!
    Mac and cheese!
    I'm not sure what I eat is even food.

  15. What do you excel at?

  16. Being a dork.
    I dunno...
    Every thing! You name it I'm good at it!
    Being populah! Duh!

  17. Are you ugly?

  18. Um...
    Puh-leez! Are you kidding me? ME? UGLY? That iz soooo LOL!
    As long as I'm still my daddy's little angel, I'm the cutest little dollface you have evah seen!

  19. What is your favorite TV show?

  20. Romantic soap operas and chic flicks!
    I dunno...
    My mommy says that too much TV is harmful to the brain. Thus, I don't watch anything uneducational
    Dorky channels and cartoons.

Oh no! You may be just like Carson!!! I feel your pain. So so sorry.


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