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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Relief for Jobless/Promoting Reocovery Quiz

Hoepfully you payed attention during the presentation because here is a quiz.
  1. What does CCC stand for and what was their purpose?

  2. Civil Command Center and they hired women for the navy
    Captain Crunch Cereal and they produced new cereals for little kids
    Civilian Conservation Corps and they hired single men between ages 18-25 for various work

  3. What does WPA stand For and did critics agree or disagree with the whole organization?

  4. Works Progress Administration and critics agreed
    Women's Practice of Astronomy
    Works Progress Administration and critics disagreed

  5. What werer two factors of the Great Depression that hurt business?

  6. xbox and ipods
    overproduction and declining prices
    boycotts and overproduction

  7. When did Roosevelt take office?

  8. 1932

  9. What did Congress set up to enforce the new codes?

  10. The National Recovery Administration
    The Industrial Recovery Organization

  11. What did NIRA set up and did it help the recovery?

  12. Private Works Administration
    Public Works Administration
    Womens National Basketball Association

  13. What was the Tennesse Valley Authority's purpose?

  14. Remake the Tennesse River Valley
    Start the Tennesee Titans
    Rebuild the Mountains of Tennesee

  15. What act did congress pass to help out the farmers?

  16. Agricultural Adjustment Act
    The Farmers Rebelion Act
    Agricultural Association Act

  17. Did the Tennessee Valley Authority spark debates?

  18. Yes

  19. About how many Americans were out of work byt he time Roosevelt took office

  20. 12 milion
    13 million


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