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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How much do you know about The Cross?

  1. Who is the oldest member of the band?

  2. Roger Taylor
    Clayton Moss
    Spike Edney

  3. What was their first released single?

  4. Shove It
    Cowboys and Indians

  5. What was the first track to feature lyrics by members other than Roger?

  6. Manipulator
    Stand Up For Love
    Final Destination

  7. Who was the song 'Foxy Lady' written by?

  8. Jimi Hendrix
    Roger Taylor
    Peter Noone

  9. What was the B-side to the single release of 'Liar'?

  10. Heartland
    In Charge Of My Heart
    Sister Blue

  11. Who was the band's drummer?

  12. Josh Macrae
    Clayton Moss
    Roger Taylor

  13. Which of the following was NOT released as a single?

  14. Life Changes
    Power To Love
    Passion For Trash

  15. Who wrote 'Ain't Put Nothing Down'?

  16. Clayton Moss
    Roger Taylor
    Spike Edney

  17. What band did Spike Edney go on to form?

  18. Take That
    The Spike Edney Band
    The SAS Band

  19. What song are the lyrics, 'You give me my blues' from?

  20. Sister Blue
    Baby It's Alright
    Life Changes


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