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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grade yourself: How good of a friend are you?

test your friendship qualities, the higher you score, the better friend you are. BE HONEST!!
  1. A friend has just called you, totally stressed out about exams...what do you say to them?

  2. I'll come over and study with you
    ask your parents to help you
    Don't worry about it, im sure you'll be okay
    get the fuck over it

  3. You and youre friend like the same guy/girl, and that person just asked you out...what do you do?

  4. Dont worry about their feelings, they'll forgive you eventually
    Talk to them face-to-face about it
    mention it in casual conversation as a what-if..
    call them and talk to them about it

  5. Your best friend since forever stops calling, never goes out and is always sad...what do you do?

  6. Confront her/him about it...ask if theres anything you can do to help
    ask someone else to talk to her..
    ignore her...if she doesnt wanna be friends neither do you..
    gossip about her

  7. Your friends talk about someone all the time and you like hangin out with them...what do you do?

  8. Join right in, i mean you dont wanna look like a loser...
    Stand up for them, but not really..you don't wanna lose those friends...
    Stand there quietly, if you stand up for them, you'll look like a dork
    Stand up for them completely, friends that put others down aren't worth your time.

  9. A friend tells you that their having family problems, such as abusive parents...what do you do?

  10. Tell the police immediately.
    tell a trusted adult, just in case you need their help, then convince your friend to tell someone
    take it into your own hands and hire hitmen to get rid of the parents.
    convince them to talk to someone about it, respect their privacy

Press the grade me button to see how good of a friend you are, and where you FAIL HORRIBLY!


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