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Monday, August 21, 2006

WWE Quiz

What WWE Superstar are you?
  1. What WWE belt do you like most

  2. World Heavyweight Championship
    WWE Championship
    ECW Championship
    Tag Team Chapionship

  3. What Finisher would be yours?

  4. Spear
    The F-U
    The RKO
    The 619

  5. What type of fighter are you?

  6. High Risk
    Undifined, Just going with whatever opertunity is there

  7. What would your wrestling outfit be?

  8. Shorts/Pants
    Spandex Tights/Pants/Overals
    Anything With a mask
    Normal Cloths

  9. What is your favorite match?

  10. Tag Team
    Ladder Match
    Battle Royal

  11. What type of Attidude would you have?

  12. Rule Breaker, a couple friends in ther back
    Good fighter, not alot of talk, some friends in the back
    Got a grudge with everyone good, no friends
    Loud Mouth, Best fighter, Lots of friends in the back


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