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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Do I really like you?

This is a quizz to see if I really like your sweet ass or just acting like I do. So Good Luck cause you are going to need it!
  1. Do you call me?

  2. No
    When I need somebody to talk too
    Hell yeah girl friend
    Once upon a time

  3. When you make a joke do I.....

  4. Laugh really hard
    say "err"
    walk away

  5. Do I tell you personal problems?

  6. Maybe too much
    mmm.... yes sweety

  7. When you talk to me do I.....

  8. not talk to you
    pay attention
    change the subject
    say I have to go home

  9. Have I ever given you anything

  10. You stold it for me
    I think

  11. Have you ever made me mad

  12. mmm... me never
    Yes but we made up
    yeah so what

  13. How do I greet you

  14. Just a wave
    I dont
    Hug and a Kiss

  15. How long have we known each other

  16. about 4 yrs
    about 2yrs
    about less than a year
    we just met

  17. Have you walked me home

  18. Yes
    nope ride
    no but i know were you live

  19. Do we like some of the same things

  20. Yes we are twins
    we have the same background

WEll does are the only questions I can think of. So good luck and if I dont like you its your own fault. Love you all its true


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