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Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Quiz!

Gud luck peeps lets c ow much u all know me ?
  1. what are mi fave colours?

  2. blue n pink
    gold n pink
    pink n purple

  3. what do i do mosty at weekends ?

  4. sleep at dads
    go on msn
    go katie's

  5. who r mi best m8s at home? !!

  6. katie n lea
    holly n racheal
    beki n katie

  7. whens mi b day ?

  8. 27th february
    7 th april
    27th january

  9. who do i live with ?

  10. mum sis n dad
    martin sis n mum
    mum n sis

  11. what colours mi room ?

  12. pink n silver
    blue n gold
    purple n silver

  13. who is mi fav disney character ?

  14. minnie mouse
    winnie the pooh

  15. who are mi fave actresses ?

  16. mary-kate n ashley
    ruby n stacy (eastenders)
    linsey lohan n hillary duff

  17. what was mi fave pressie for crimbo ?

  18. phone
    mini moto

  19. what mi goldfish called?

  20. fatty

hope u know me as well as ya fink gud luk!!


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