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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anphibians Quiz

Here is a cool quiz to see how much you know about anphibians. If you want to get a higher score read my website and try again!
Good luck!
  1. Where do anphibians live?

  2. In a house.
    In the sea.
    On the land and underwater.

  3. What are the three main amphibians?

  4. Log, cat and bird.
    Salamander, Frog and Caecilians
    Tiger, dog and train.

  5. How many legs do Caecilians have?

  6. 2

  7. what is an amphibians skin like?

  8. Does not have skin
    Smooth and moist and sometimes rough and spiny
    Has feathers

  9. Anphibians spend their first stage of life....

  10. in the sky
    in ponds

  11. Some anphibians have bright colours on their skin to...

  12. Look pretty and cool.
    Warn of poison
    be easily seen

  13. Adult salamanders are usually...

  14. 10-20cm long
    12-15cm long
    23-24cm long

  15. Frogs tounges are...

  16. short and fat
    longer than your arm
    long and sticky

  17. Frogs can find their way back to their habitat by....

  18. their handy-dandee map!
    the position of the stars and their sense of smell.
    a compass

  19. Frogs communicate by..

  20. Croaking
    texting each other
    Emails and letters

Thank you for taking the time to do my quiz! I hope you enjoyed my website!


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