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Monday, August 07, 2006

How well do you know Jessica?

So i bet you all think you know me pretty well, well, youd be surprised at what you DONT know about me... if you think you are man/woman enough to answer the challenge... then bring it on... the quiz is waiting... mwah hahahahah
  1. What was my self proclaimed high school nick name?

  2. Jessieyums
    J to the LC
    J Cah

  3. What dessert would i NEVER pass up?

  4. Chocolate covered strawberries
    Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting
    Key Lime Pie

  5. Where is the one vacation spot i would most like to go to?

  6. Hawaii
    Paris France
    Beijing China
    San Francisco

  7. What did i name my kitten?

  8. Paws

  9. What am i majoring in at college?

  10. Psycology
    Elementary Education

  11. When (and if) i have a son, what would i name him?

  12. Jonathan Daniel
    Alexander David
    Matthew Adam
    Lucas William

  13. What accessory went with BOTH of my prom ensembles?

  14. a diamond necklace
    crystal earrings
    a tiara
    4 inch high heeled shoes

  15. What was the model and year of my first car?

  16. 96 Neon
    88 Sentra
    90 Pacifica
    92 Jetta

  17. What belt am i in my martial arts following?

  18. Junior black belt
    Third degree black belt
    Brown belt
    Orange belt

  19. If you asked me to make ONE wish for anything, what would i wish for?

  20. To get through college
    To fix my car
    Lots of cash
    To marry the man of my dreams (*cough* matt *cough*)

ok so the worst is over... facile non? well now i guess you can see what you got... go ahead... push the button, you know you want to...


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