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Saturday, September 09, 2006

What Kind Of Jedi Are You?

  1. Color of your saber?

  2. Blue

  3. Main Power?

  4. Saber

  5. You meet a corrupted one (Sith) in the forest. What do you do?

  6. Kill the poor creature with a mercy stroke.
    Try to convince the corrupted one to join you and come back to the light.
    Use the force to draw the dark side from the poor victim before killing it with a mercy stroke.

  7. Your symbol would be?

  8. A phenox
    A owl
    A dragon

  9. During a jedi battle you...

  10. fight to the death, quickly finishing your opponent so you can go protect others.
    manover a saber fight into a position where you can escape and find reinforcements.
    use the force to knock many opponents away at a time.

  11. While meditating you...

  12. Think of your next assignment.
    think of all those who have yet to discover the light.
    concentrate on the force and only the force.

  13. Your robe is designed to...

  14. Allow you to move your legs so you can fight.
    allow you to cover long distences searching for poor corupted ones.
    allow you sit in a meditatiative position for long amounts of time confortably.

  15. You eat...

  16. whatever you can between fights.
    whatever you can find that will not disrupt the surroundings in any way.
    a quick snack between meditation sessions.

  17. On a long journey you take...

  18. weapons and previsions for the trip.
    light bringers to rid the land of darkness.
    a meditation mat and bottles of blessed water.


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