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Sunday, September 03, 2006

is kyle gay???

have fun proving he's not
  1. if you were kyle, would you own a big box of gay porn?

  2. hell ya, what do you think he does all day???
    ya but shhhhhhh...
    NO!!...(looks suspicious)
    no comment

  3. when you think of kyle, can you picture him with a girl?

  4. a lot of gay guys look like girls, does that count?
    i picture him all the time with his grandma
    i could, but the thought of kyle causes momentary blindness

  5. has kyle only slept with a 40 year old prostitute in the last year?

  6. yes
    now that you mention it...
    i cant see anything!!! ahhhhh, its so dark!!!!
    she was only 40????

  7. if you were kyle, what would you do in your spare time?

  8. watch my big box of gay porn
    screw my 40 year old prostitute
    wish i wasnt so gay

  9. would you date kyle?

  10. you are a guy and yes you would
    you are a blind girl, so yes
    you are a blind guy, so yes
    you are a sane girl , so HELL NO!

  11. if your name is kyle, have i now made you feel gay?

  12. yes, yes you have
    no comment (*sob*)
    oh, hunnie, i knew it all along
    nothing but my big box of gay porn will ever make me feel gay!

  13. have you ever met kyle?

  14. yes, and im now blind
    no, but i am a beautiful man and i want to meet him
    no, thank god
    no comment

  15. kyle, how do you like my quiz?

  16. i love it, it explains me in a way i could never do myself
    no comment
    yes, but im going to pretend that i dont


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