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Thursday, October 12, 2006

How Well Do You Know Me?

So how well do you know me?
  1. What is my favorite band?

  2. Green Day
    Taking Back Sunday

  3. What is my favorite subject?

  4. English
    Art of any form

  5. What is my favorite part of Chicago?

  6. All the little restaurants
    The sunrises
    The loop

  7. How old was I when I moved to Lincolnshire?

  8. Nine

  9. What did my old dog Zorro die from?

  10. Pneumonia
    Lung cancer
    Old age

  11. What is the one song I can never live without?

  12. Believe - Yellowcard
    Holiday - Green Day
    Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park

  13. If I'm mad do I show it?

  14. I've never seen you mad
    I don't get mad

  15. Do I have any permenant physical disorders?

  16. Yes
    Mental maybe

  17. Who is my LEAST favorite teacher?

  18. Senora Merkin

  19. Why am I here?

  20. Because of three people who saved my sorry ass
    Because I chose to be here
    What kind of question is that?

Hope you had fun!! ;)


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