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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How well do you remember 1997?

Take this short quiz to see how well you remember our senior year. No cheating!
  1. Who was the class president?

  2. Gina Parsons
    Devan Pence
    Jenna Carpenter

  3. What were the class colors?

  4. Blue and White
    Red and Silver
    Blue and Silver

  5. What was the class flower?

  6. Daisy

  7. What female was voted most school spirited?

  8. Stephanie Thompson
    Heidi Matthews
    Liz Yureskes

  9. What male was voted the friendliest senior?

  10. Chris Howard
    Robbie VanMeter
    Ryan Johnson

  11. Who wrote the class song?

  12. Josh Wambeke
    Matt Finkiewicz
    The Goo Goo Dolls

  13. What was the name of the class song?

  14. Graduation Day

  15. What three students were voted best smile?

  16. Liz Yureskes, Meghan Cave, and Shane Mahana
    Meghan Cave, Stephanie Childs, and Shane Mahana
    Meghan Cave, Stephanie Childs, and Matt Morrow

  17. Who was the student council vice president?

  18. Jessie Hagen
    Nicole Benson
    Sarah Johnson

  19. Which two males were voted best hair?

  20. Bryan Curtis and Chris Howard
    Bryan Curtis and Larry Mueller
    Larry Mueller and Marty Alberding


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