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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Check Urself..!!

If you wanna know who you are..
Lets take the test and check it all out!!
  1. Wats da place u like bez??

  2. ma luvly hum
    ma bez school..
    everywhere I like..!!

  3. If u gotta do a damn work, who'd u like 2 be wit..??

  4. maself..!! den Imma do it anytym I wud..
    wit ma bezfren of course!!
    e'ry1.. whatever..

  5. Wat kind o' drink u like bez??

  6. a cup of coffee/tea.. hmm!!
    a glass of juice ter rock ma world..!!
    juz make it drink water..

having answered??

lets find out who u are!!


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