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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Are you a good person

Good luck!!!
  1. Do you give to the needy?

  2. Dont care if it is not me
    Always try to help

  3. Do you think about ones in need?

  4. no

  5. can you feel bad when some one is in need?

  6. very bad
    i truly dont care

  7. Do you understand Faith,Hope and Love

  8. Why should i care
    I do with all my heart

  9. Do you worship the devil ?

  10. no way ever
    I hate the devil that jerk

  11. Are you a bully

  12. I like to beat up peaple
    I would rather save them

  13. Do you take drugs????

  14. I am adicted
    Never,over my dead body i would take them

  15. Do you understand the meaning of life???????????

  16. Hell NO
    oh ya i do

  17. Have you ever benn in a gang

  18. no

  19. can you love others

  20. yes

Try to live life to the full potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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